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Preserving Your Legacy: Expertise in Estates & Trusts with Anova
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Ensuring the wealth you’ve worked hard for is preserved and passed on in the most effective manner requires a particular blend of expertise and understanding. At Anova, we’re deeply committed to helping families and individuals secure their financial legacies through bespoke trusts and estate planning.

Our comprehensive trust expertise

Trusts have long been acknowledged as invaluable tools for safeguarding assets, ensuring they’re passed through generations in a tax-efficient and secure manner. At Anova, our proficiency in the field of trusts is both extensive and varied. We’ve dealt with a myriad of trust types. Each carries its unique characteristics, and our team is well-versed in guiding you through their specific advantages and intricacies.

An impartial executor you can trust

The execution of one’s final wishes is a matter of utmost significance. Recognising this, Anova is proud to offer its services as executors for your estate. By choosing us for this crucial role, you’re ensuring a meticulous, impartial, and empathetic execution of your will. It’s a decision that brings peace of mind not just to you but to your entire family.

Why entrust Anova with your estates and trusts?

  • Rich Experience: Our hands-on experience in setting up, managing, and advising on diverse types of trusts is second to none.
  • Bespoke Guidance: Each family and individual possesses unique requirements. We offer tailored solutions to match your personal aspirations and financial objectives.
  • Complete Service Suite: From the establishment of a trust to acting as executors for an estate, our comprehensive range of services ensures you’re supported at every juncture.

Your legacy is invaluable. At Anova, we understand the weight of this responsibility and are dedicated to ensuring your assets are managed and transferred in line with your vision. Get in touch today to discuss how our expert team can help shape the future of your estates and trusts.

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